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A few years ago I started manufactoring bracelets for charity called dance for life, a fundraiser for fight against cancer. 
While I was making bracelet by bracelet, the entrepreneurial bones in my body started thinking, How do I take this to the next level?

I started to search around for ideas on different products such as bracelets, t-shirts, hoodies and so on. But all I could find was way to expensive and with a small if not almost non existing budget. That was not the right solution to start with, so I had to become creative.
Right before Covid-19 outburst i Sweden I took the decition to begin the journey of creating a NEW bucketlist. On that list was  one specific idea – To launch my own clothingbrand.

After a couple of days of research on google I decided that the smartest thing to do was to start a print on demand – dropshipping business. 

So far so good, except for one thing, I had NO knowledge of how to start a website, a online shop. Once again I had to become very creative because I didnt have a clue on how to build a website and I couldn´t afford hire someone to build it for me. So I turned to youtube and started searching for tutorials. 

It never crossed my mind to stop because I didn´t have the knowledge or the funds to make this happen. 
I just had to make it work.
Today on the 5th of August, just about six months later a dream has become a reality. 

Today I can finally say – I have my very own clothing brand. If I was to be truly honest, I don´t just launch one brand, Im launching several. 

About five years ago I started saying a qoute called Finally Monday.

Today is the day I launch Dance For Life and Finally Monday as a brand of mine and for those who are Gamers and entrepreneurs, in this shop, there should be something for everyone, and a lot for some. It all depend on which target group that the individual belongs to. 

Because of a very special cooperation with not just ONE, but Three differend manufacturers I can now launch my very own brands in my own shop. In this shop you will find products such as, coffeemugs, hoodies, t-shirts, leggings/yoga pants, canvas paintings and photographs, face masks, neck gaiters and so much more. 

I have personally been involved with 99% of the designed products in one way or the other. Some has been donated to the charity project which is included in our shop and other designs have been purchased and so on. 

This charity based online shop is starting small but are at the same time a international online store. 

Hopefully with your help, I will be able to do so much more than ever before. 

Please share this Link on your social media, and help us – the team behind it all, to reach far more people with the help of social media, than we ever could do on our own. 

Thank you for your support!

Together we can make a difference…


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