We are focused in these areas

Mental health

We are devoted to help people suffering from mental illness. Therefor we have decided to donate to a charity foundation in Sweden called - Hjärnfonden. " No one should have to suffer from diseases, injuries or disabilities in the brain."

Homeless shelter

What if - you could help provide food and supplies for homeless shelters? Every year close to christmas, when the need is at it's highest. We we will help shelters with supplies and food. This is why we each year will raise money to - Stockholm City Mission.

Fight against cancer

We are aware that there is not one single person alive that has never been affected by cancer in one way or another. Therefor we want to help out and in October each year we will contribute to the fight against cancer. This is why wy raise and donate money every year to - The Swedish Cancer Society.

The backstory

I have been very fortunate to have a large network of people to catch me when I fall…and I have fallen numerous times. Because I know what it’s like to wonder if I will have food in my tummy or a warm soft place to sleep, I am now compelled to pay it forward. My passion is to help those less fortunate, those who do not have a support group. 
I know they are many.  
You can help too!  With every purchase on this website, you also make a difference.  
Together we care.


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